The Most Detailed MapleStory Kaiser Skill Build Guide

A hundred years ago, Kaiser was the protector of Pantheon and defended Grandis from Magnus, among Grand Dartmoor's plus the Black Mage's Commanders. Kaiser proved to become no match for Magnus and his forces, as a consequence of obtaining been previously poisoned by Magnus, prompting Kaiser to sacrifice himself.


Kaiser’s main stat is STR and secondary stat is DEX. Kaiser makes use of a Morph Gauge and Command system, a combination of Aran, Luminous and Demon Slayer method. It functions by filling up the Morph gauge swiftly by performing attack + arrow-key + command. Upon filling it entirely, it provides bonus stats and capable to temporarily transform into an effective Dragon Saber throughout 3rd and 4th Job whilst significantly improving Kaiser abilities possible, a lot more particularly to attacking capabilities.

*Share your pros on this job!*
Higher HP and defense.
Good character card.
Has Hyperlink Talent.
Good mobile. Good mobbing and bossing.
Higher Survivability Rate.
Has Semi-Drain Skill.
Includes a cool dragon transform.

*Share your cons on this job!*
Drain talent only operates when applying manual controls for skills (not a buff)
Low MP (Insufficient for HP Washing)
Lack of celebration buff skills.
All talent % harm is low so Kaiser is really a higher fund class
Require smashing essential like Aran
Request for Normal or Tough Magnus is especially long.

KAISER Newbie JOB Abilities

Realign: Defender Mode (Toggle)
Switches from defensive to offensive mode. Passive enhancements raise at greater Job Advancements. Skill enhancements stack.
Level 1: Attack Energy: 5, Crit Chance: +3%, Damage upon attacking Boss Monster: +3%

MapleStory Kaiser Realign Attacker Mode Realign: Attacker Mode (Toggle)
Switches from defensive to offensive mode. Passive enhancements enhance at larger Job Advancements. Skill enhancements stack.
Level 1: Attack Energy: five, Crit Likelihood: +3%, Damage upon attacking Boss Monster: +3%

MapleStory Kaiser Vertical Connect Vertical Grapple (Active)
Fires a grappling hook to a platform above you to ascend swiftly.
Level 1: Press the skill essential though you’re climbing to cancel.

MapleStory Kaiser Transfiguration Transfiguration (Passive)
Fill up your Morph Gauge in a battle to transform into a much more effective getting. The capability to boost effects cannot be stacked.
Stage 1: Attack Speed: +1, Speed: +5, Jump: +10, Energy Stance Likelihood: 20%
Stage two: Attack Speed: +1, Speed: +10, Jump: +20, Power Stance Opportunity: +40%

MapleStory Kaiser Iron Will Iron Will (Link Talent + Passive)
The iron will of Kaiser grants more HP.
Level 1: Max HP: +10%
Level 2: Max HP: +15%
Level 3: Max HP: +20%

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Hyperlink Dragon Hyperlink (Passive)
Connects Dragon Slash with other unique attack skills to grant bonus effects.
Level 1: Morph Gauge fills more rapidly, plus the Dragon Link skill along with the Kaiser attack talent that follows may have their final damages increased by 15%.

MapleStory Kaiser Exclusive Spell Exclusive Spell (Supportive)
Increases the Attack Energy and Magic ATT of all nearby players. Cooldown: 2 hours.
Level 1: MP Expense: 30, Attack Energy and Magic ATT: + 4%, Duration: 40 min

KAISER 1ST JOB Capabilities

Dragon Slash (Active)
Note: Level 20 expected to find out Dragon Slash I.
Mash the attack essential to whipping enemies in front of you up to 3 occasions. May be utilized with fundamental attack important whilst in Final Type.
Level 1:
1-hit: Attack as much as eight enemies for 51% harm 3 times
2-hit: As much as six enemies attack for 31% damage five occasions
3-hit Up to 6 enemies attacked for 41% harm five instances
Level 20:
1-hit: Attack as much as eight enemies for 70% harm 3 occasions
2-hit: As much as 6 enemies attack for 50% damage 5 occasions
3-hit Up to six enemies attacked for 60% damage 5 occasions

MapleStory Kaiser Flame Surge Flame Surge (Active / Dragon Hyperlink)
Dragon Hyperlink: (ATTACK) + (COMMAND)
Blast forward with the warrior spirit.
Level 1: MP Expense: 7, Harm: 113%, Variety of Attacks: two, Max Enemies Hit: six
Level 20: MP Expense: ten, Harm: 170%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 6

MapleStory Kaiser Air Lift Air Lift (Supportive)
Leaps as soon as more within the air. Also permanently increases Speed and Max Speed. Can't be employed in Final Type.
Level 1: MP Price: 24, Set Jump Distance, Max Speed: +6, Speed: +6
Level 15: MP Expense: 10, Set Jump Distance, Max Speed: +20, Speed: +20

MapleStory Kaiser Scale Skin Scale Skin (Passive)
Harden your skin to permanently raise Defense and possess a possibility to resist knock-back. Stacks with Transfiguration’s Knockback Resistance effects.
Level 1: DEF: +20, Knockback Resistance: +4%
Level ten: DEF: +200, Knockback Resistance: +40%

Kaiser 1st Job Talent Construct: Almost everything maxed.
1. Dragon Slash, Flame Surge (1)
2. Air Lift (MAX)
3. Flame Surge (MAX)
4. Dragon Slash (MAX)
5. Scale Skin (MAX)

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