The Way To Become An Terrific Battle Mage In MapleStory

In MapleStory, the Battle Mage is actually a member of the Resistance, freedom fighters opposed towards the Black Mage as well as the organization trying to find to revive him, the Black Wings. Be familiar with the properties of Battle Mage to better grasp it.


In contrast to standard Magicians, the Battle Mage specializes in swift, close-quarters combat. He's a potent teammate, capable of casting auras that can help his celebration although he bashes many enemies at when with his glowing workers.

If you're the sort of player who loves magic but also desires to fight monsters up close and personal, then the Battle Mage is for you personally.

Essential Attributes

Kind: Resistance
Principal Attribute: Intelligence (INT)
Principal Weapon: Employees
Hit Points/Mana Points: High/High

He could be the highest amongst the other class except for warrior variety.
High Weapon and Magic Defense upon maxing Adv. Blue Aura.
Higher keep away from price (40%) just after maxing Adv. Yellow Aura (passive + active).
Low HP potion usage resulting from drain + Higher keep away from rate + higher def + much invincible talent.
Low MP potion usage resulting from high base mp and without the need of a magic guard.
Most versatile teleporting. You'll be able to jump and teleport in mid-air and also teleport to areas with no platform, permitting you to spam teleport damage or move much higher vertically.
Has 100% stance.
A most balanced job with regards to survivability, harm, utility. Jack of all Trades.

The only class does not have a mount.
Easy get bored, use blow talent from level ten to 200.
Attack speed is dependent on weapon speed, one of the most weapons has slow speed!
Some micromanagement is needed to unlock the complete possible when it comes to DPS (Harm Per Second).
Lack of Final Harm and range doesn't scale properly in late game.

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