MapleStory Battle Mage Skill Build Guide

As you'll be able to likely inform, this is a guide on the best way to devote your BaM’s SP appropriately. I decided to make this guide immediately after seeing the sad amount of clear SP guides around the section when the Wild Hunter class already has its guide in place and stick. Hopefully, this can assist clears up some confusion. What you can anticipate, and no additional: A calculation of Battle Mage Sp, and exactly where to commit it for the greatest efficiency. Maple Story is one of the most popular 2D online game globally especially among primary and secondary students, gamers are always buying cheap MapleStory mesos at U4GM. 

Some Notes
None of this facts is necessarily accurate. Yes, I know there's really little chance of this, but you by no means know. Nexon America may choose to modify a few of the capabilities prior to they release Bams to GMS. Then again, the probability of this happening is extremely, incredibly low.

• Resistance classes get 5 Sp at level ten and 3 Sp at their 3rd job advancement, as opposed to 1 Sp at level ten and 70. As for their 4th job advancement Sp, I’m not positive. I’m just going to assume they acquire 3 Sp at their advancement, like all of the other non-resistance classes.

• Resistance cannot place Sp into earlier or later skill books. One example is, you can not invest your Sp from a 3rd job on 4th job expertise nor 2nd job capabilities.

• None of the Resistance get mounts.

• This really is ahead of the “Reorganization” update. GMS nonetheless has a long method to go before having this, but eh…just putting it on the market.

Your Very first Advancement As a Hardcore Mage
Great! You went by way of the Resistance tutorial and became a BaM. You possibly realized it is possible to max all 3 mini-skills just before advancing, which I uncover really exciting.

Advancement Abilities
Triple Blow- Max Level 20
Lvl20- MP- 20, 105% Harm every single hit for three hits, Hits 6 mobs at all levels
Your major attacking skill till 2nd job.

The Finisher- Max Level 10
Lvl10- Mp- 30, 340% Harm, Hits 6 mobs at all levels, Ignores 20% of enemy’s defense
You may only use this skill right after casting your blow-type skill. Its damage increases alongside the unique blow abilities.

Teleport- Max Level 15
Lvl15- MP- 22, 144 Distance
Just plain old teleport, only with much less distance and much more Mp usage than a standard mage.

Dark Aura- Max Level 20
Lvl20- MP- 30m, +10% Harm for the entire party
The cause why a lot of people will develop to really like Bams. This skill stays on until you log out, that is terrific in the event you do not like recasting buffs. You may cancel the ability by casting it once again.

UPDATE: Apparently the buff disappears for the whole celebration when the original caster leaves. The BaM also has to be within the very same map for the aura to take the impact.

Ability Make
-Lvl ten: 3B +4, Finisher +1
-Lvl 11: 3B +3
-Lvl 12: 3B +3
-Lvl 13: 3B +3
-Lvl 14: 3B +3
-Lvl 15: 3B +3
-Lvl 16: 3B +1 (Maxed), +2 Dark Aura
-Lvl 17: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 18: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 19: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 20: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 21: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 22: +3 Dark Aura (Maxed)
-Lvl 23: +3 Tele
-Lvl 24: +3 T3le
-Lvl 25: +3 Tele
-Lvl 26: +3 Tele
-Lvl 27: +3 Tele (Maxed)
-Lvl 28: +3 Finisher
-Lvl 29: +3 Finisher
-Lvl 30: +3 Finisher (Maxed)

Ultimately: All expertise maxed.
Explanation: This is a pretty straightforward stage within your BaM career. You max Triple Blow very first, simply because it is your primary attacking talent, and get 1 Finisher to get a small bit of oomph for your attacks (it currently does 268% harm at lvl 1). Then you max Dark Aura. I didn’t believe it would be far more helpful than Finisher this early on, but majority guidelines. Max Teleport next, due to the fact you’ll use it far more normally than Finisher. Final but not least is Finisher.

• You will get 1 into telling early on if you want, I just located it a waste of Mp (it makes use of 50 Mp at level 1). Nevertheless, for those who do not mind utilizing all those pots, then go for it.

• I heard Blue Ribbon Pigs have been a terrific source of Exp in your 1x~2x’s. I also heard Stone and Mixed golems will likely be equally great for late 2x.

• That’s correct, there is certainly no magic guard. You may really feel somewhat uncomfortable in the event you play lots of mages. This really is produced up for by the volume of HP BaM’s gain naturally as they level.