ESO: Suggestion for Difficulty Settings for the Overworld

While I really enjoy One Tamriel’s scaling and think it was a brilliant design decision to make ESO really welcoming to new players, I’ve found there’s little difficulty or challenge in playing this game except in PvP and group PvE content.

A great idea I think would be having a difficulty setting for when I’m playing solo or just exploring, where I could scale the difficulty of the game up to say, Craglorn level, or VMA level. The implementation could simply be a scaling debuff similar to battle spirit in Cyrodiil. And the higher it scales, you’d get a better loot% drop chance, but the monsters in the world would also become harder as a result.

This would allow both new players and experienced players to enjoy the world at their own pace. I would actually feel threatened by the mobs, rather than just closing my eyes and blasting through them every time. Currently, the overland mobs may be a little difficult for a new player with no skills, passives, or CP unlocked, but for a maxed-CP player they just don’t pose any challenge and just aren’t interesting as a result.

How would that system handle you fighting a delve boss on vMA difficulty and another player comes through and slaughters it? People could set difficulty to max for better loot chances and group with noobs or let noobs come kill things for them to game the system. That sort of thing would be problematic to implement outside of instances because of all the interaction with other players who would be using varying degrees of difficulty.

I’ve been wanting this in an MMO for ages and I don’t understand why they don’t do this, they could do it similar to how its done in diablo 3. I don’t think they should increase loot drops though, I think it’s a great way to add more achievements, titles, costumes, mounts, houses etc as rewards for completing at a higher difficulty. What they’d have to do though is make it so quest progress is saved to a difficulty, so that old players who have already completed EVERY_SINGLE_QUEST in the game on a single character can redo them. To fix the problem of ppl killing things for u on a smaller lvl, just use the games phasing system to phase ppl onto a different server for the difficulty they’re playing on. Whenever you need to buy cheap and salf Eso power leveling, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap Eso gold.