PoE - Chieftain Bow-Wielding Blade Vortex League-Starter

Afraid of burning out, I want to start next league with a character that can reach maps with a comfortable speed and scale well into endgame, all the way to Uber Elder.

Since BV got buffed considerably, I'm most likely going for Chieftain (or Ascendant, although Chieftain means tons of defenses and easy 100% conversion). The bow choice is because you can get easy 80%+ spell damage thanks to essences, as well as a 6L on top of Kaom's Heart. The Signal Fire as quiver gives you 100% fire conversion as well, which is pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm not too worried about the build's capabilities for Uber Lab, or red maps, but I'm concerned about Guardians, Shaper, and Uber Elder.

1. Especially with a phys spell shaper stat sticks are so damn good, if you want a ton of life belly is still a solid option, but while running BV inpulsas seems like such an easy clear speed up.

The biggest problem I see is the missing mana leech, warlords+blasphemy almost seems like a must. And while guardians might be possible with decent gear you will need some serious technical skill and gear to beat uber elder with bv.

2. I would say EE if you go chieftain for pathing reasons and crit as ascendant. Chieftain will be much easier to early level imo but will likely be harder to take to the end game than an ascendant. Path of exile is set up in a way where it's faster to make it to the endgame by making a couple of characters since there are few that are good at everything. Smart move on their part, more MTX.

3. IIRC GGG said something about EE giving too much for too little investment, so they might change it. Wait for patch notes to see if they're getting it done for 3.3.

If it doesn't change, you can use flame totem, incinerate totem, or ball lightning, all will hit very fast. Note that it will lower your clearing damage by a lot if you can't one-shot mobs. Even on bosses, it will lower the damage with that element, so the benefit might be lower than what you expect, but will still be there on most cases. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on u4gm.com which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of poe currency cheap.