Path of Exile Best Guides for Beginner

This build is more built towards people who crave a highly tanky playstyle with up to 8,5k life while still having a very solid 1.5-2 Million DPS output. In terms of powerlevel, this build might be the strongest I have ever made or at least at as good as the others. The name UNDENIABLE Jugg comes from its amazing new keystone that goes by the same name.

Where does the damage come from?
The build is tailored towards the "Grelwood Shank Sword". It saves you alot of points by giving you Point Blank and Iron Reflexes. Since Juggernaut with this Sword + The Undeniable Keystone can reach the Hitcap(95%), so you dont need any Accuracy or a shield like Lycosidae at all. This combination also provides an enourmous amount of attack speed. Since the Shank does not have much crit, it is perfect for going with the "Elemental Overload" Keystone.

The Debuff Tank:
The build uses Molten Strike as the Main Ability and can together wiht the Xophs Blood amulet convert 100% physical to fire.

- The Amulet has the debuff "Covered in Ash" wich gives 20% more Fire damage and 10% FirePenetration.
- Also we use the new "Aspect of the Spider" wich provides another 15% more damage at 3 Stacks.
- The Tombfist gloves boosts for another 10% more with Intimidate.
- The Watchers Eye Jewel adds another 25% physical as extra fire damage.
- The Wise Oak Flask boosts for 15% Fire penetration.
- We get 9 additional Projectiles from the Sword, the Helm Enchant and the two Wildfire Jewels.

The rest of the damage comes from the Passives and diffrent pieces of gear with smaller things like added fire damage to attacks. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe currency buy with instant delivery.