PoE - The Start of A new League Should Be Overwhelming

You can obviously choose to ignore the fact that 80% of your playerbase stops playing any given league after 2 weeks or try to improve upon that by accepting it and making the first 2 weeks more enjoyable.


I believe Chris stated in an interview with Ziggy after the racing event that he would rather have lower spawn rates to not inflate the economy. But I honestly think this is the wrong approach to how they should be handling the start of leagues, make it overwhelming, the new mechanics should be IN YOUR FACE, you should see it at lvl 2 and you should see it at level 90 every fucking instance.

A great example for me personally was Invasion league, walking out and onto the coast for the first time in that league with my friends was jaw dropping hilarious because of the invasion boss sitting on the porch. Breach is the holy fucking grail for PoE and is rightfully so, when you started breaches at lvl 5~ you got shards, and they were worth something, the massive influx of slaying monsters meant something! Beast mods on rares are a great and welcomed addition to the game, but personally If I were to work with GGG or have some sort of influence, these skills are too good to not be seen enough, I would have placed these beast skills on every fucking rare you saw.

Please, for the next league and the 10 leagues after that do not forget that 80% of your players stop playing after the first 2 weeks, so make it special for them and in return you get a happy retention rate and over joyous veteran community. Whats the point of "collecting data for 2 weeks" if a majority of players stop playing within that exact time frame? Harbinger was a great example in which I can use. The first 2 weeks were spent "collecting data" and how many people voiced their opinions that it was too slow, the transmute shards are stupid, the alt shards are stupid...etc

Then after a brief period they kicked it up a notch and towards the end of the league people liked it, it just sucks that at the end of the league there is about 10% of the players from day 1 still actively playing. So all that effort of collecting data didn't really help, at least that's how I see it. More poe news please keep eyes on U4gm which would devote to offer amounts of cheap poe orbs online.