Path of Exile's Endgame Is Much More Engaging

Overall, Path of Exile is an awesome game with lots of things to do. The build diversity is exciting, new content is constantly added, its free to play without shoving microtransactions down your throat and has an engaging endgame that has a clear path of progression.


The only thing that I consider to be a downside is the difficulty for new players. When I first played the game, I didn't look up any information about how many offensive/defensive passives to take in the skill tree, the importance of linking skill gems together, or important stats to look for on pieces of gear.

After playing both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile, I have concluded that Diablo 3 offers an easier and more laid back levelling experience, while falling short in the endgame content. Path of Exile may take some dedication to make it through the levelling portion, but the endgame is more than worth it. In Diablo 3, it was easy to switch a build on the fly while levelling, which let you try a lot of playstyles and find the one that suited you. In Path of Exile, the skills you gather feel permanent (although they can be changed) which leads to more attachment to the character you are playing.

However, Path of Exile's endgame is (in my opinion) much more engaging than Diablo 3's endgame. Path of Exile has a modifier system to affect armor, weapons, jewels and even the maps that you clear during endgame. While Diablo 3 scales enemy health and damage as the level of the map (or rift, in Diablo's case) increases, Path of Exile increases the effect that modifiers have on maps. THIS is where the difficulty and sense of accomplishment comes from. In addition, Path of Exile has a variety of endgame bosses to gear up for, kill and eventually farm, which is much more entertaining than the few reskinned endgame bosses that Diablo has.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend that you try Path of Exile if you are still considering it. If you are starting the game and finding it to be a bit slow, don't worry, it speeds up considerably as you progress through the game. Good luck, exile!

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