Why Should PoE Nerf Exp Again Based on Hardcore Players Style?

Waited to make this thread until after a good night’s sleep, we were all pretty exhausted after the push but I wanted to write up something about our experiences with the ladder push this league as this race was one of the closest 100 races I've seen.


Sparrog had an awesome solo push this ladder with sunder just smashing out maps and trying to stay on top against the group teams until he was overtaken, at which point the plan was to just chill and go back to uni (the deadline for this was pretty much Monday in Aus which is today) while Gucci and I were playing pretty casual this league doing our own separate things.

During the International Race Event, I talked to Sparrog about a potential ladder push with Gucci after he finishes the races as Sparrog's solo push seemed to be dying down after being overtaken by both Yolonou's team and Voc's team by 141 million exp. The only problem was that we had all been up for around 8 hours at this point and Sparrog needed to push from 98.6 all the way to 100 in one sitting to try and overtake the other teams. We ended up finding the motivation after seeing the Voc price fixing thread for poorjoys, whether or not that was true we still didn't want the Voc team to win if we had a shot, so we pushed for 30 hours in what was the most neck and neck mapping I've ever experienced.

Sparrog’s atlas was still optimized for his solo mapping build, so we had to change his atlas and rebuild the map pool which ended up being a massive struggle and the deciding factor of the race. We were constantly running out of Waste Pool maps to run and had to use sextants, elder influence and even prophecies to try and stay in the higher tier maps as long as we could.

Gucci was almost falling asleep mid-map, Sparrog was running on cold soup and opening the occasional muesli bar during the pre-fight boss animation while I was constantly checking the ladder because poe-racing was down.

We had to pull out some unethical tricks with exp gear and someone opening/sextanting maps for us to minimize downtime but we managed to finally overtake them and maintain a slight lead in exp over their Poorjoys exp. It was a hell of a push, and all that I have to say after it is, nerf exp again.

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