Path of Exile, What Can We Use This Formula for?

As we are the best location online to buy poe currency, we also like to keep a close eye on what is happening in the world of Path Of Exile. Despite not having the base drop chance for every monster, we have more than enough to "emulate" the effects of various aspects of IIQ on our drops.

  • We assume that the ratio of monsters is 80n : 10m : 1r.
  • We input a multiplier to emulate the number of monsters on a map.
  • # of Monsters is automatically calculated based on the above 2 factors.
  • Drops/ monster is taking from the calculations above but converted to decimals
  • Total Drops/ monster is simply taking Drops/ monster multiplied by number of monsters.
  • Total drops is the sum of all 3 total drops/ monster.
  • All in all if we refer to the image earlier again, our simulated drop rate for this player running this map with this setup will be 364.88 rounded up to 365. Now all that is out of the way, we start with our first comparison between.


1. Bisco's Collar and The Ascetic

Turns out, the Bisco's Collar is merely 11.21% better than The Ascetic and that's not counting the increased IIQ The Ascetic provides for the final map boss. Now what if there are actually more white monsters, maybe a ratio 160:10:1? The numbers come out to around 264 drops for Biscos and 222 drops for Ascetic which yields a 19.12% difference, still really narrow.

2. Full IIQ and No IIQ

As you can see the person running full IIQ will obtain 57.61% more drops than someone who isn't assuming that by full IIQ, we mean 100% Biscos with 70% sheet IIQ. In order words, for every 1 map the IIQ player runs, the non-iiq player will need to run 1.5761 maps to match the number of drops.

3. Alchemy and No Alchemy

Straight up X% increase depending on how much the alchemy is going to give of course. What did you expect?

4. Full IIQ with friends & alc and No IIQ solo w/o alc

Well you're essentially 5.3 times more efficient than the solo player. However if you consider an equal split for all the drops between all 5 players in the group, then each player obtains approximately 166 drops which makes him still 26.09% more efficient than the solo player.

5. Full IIQ with friends & alc and No friends

The group is most definitely still more efficient than the solo player. However, it is worth noting that the difference may not be this wide especially considering how it takes more time to coordinate and split loot within a group.


Biscos Collar is only 11.21% better than The Ascetic. This is mostly due to the fact that it is almost impossible to push white monsters to guarantee a drop so Biscos is simply increasing the likelihood of a drop. It is however still the single amulet that gives the highest drop rate though. The difference between a player with full IIQ is definitely substantial (57.61%) enough that it's hard for a player without to catchup on efficiency simply from gear. I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website Furthermore, there you will find the cheap POE items you want.