Why I still Playing Path Of Exile?

Path of Exile has been released for quite some time. GGG current plan is to release Content Update 3.2.0 and challenge league on Friday March 2 (US time), so I think the new patch will attract more and more players which include some previous old players. However, it’s true that Path of Exile is no longer the green hand, but it is a good thing that now PoE is an excellent action role-playing game genre.


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The reasons are as follows:
-Great F2P format. The stash tabs might be a counter argument, but it's still the fairest format around. It's also fairly cheap to upgrade a regular stash tab to premium. After seeing all the content you get for free, it's easy to spend that little bit. 5usd will give 50 points, upgrading a regular stash to premium is 15 points.

-Active development. The meta is always changing. New leagues, content and redesigns. The devs communicate with the community. I do feel this and point numero uno are the main contributors to PoE's success.

-Is all gamblin' innit? Running after those drops and spending your hard earned currency on crafting can be a large source of sorrow, but it's all overwritten when you are blessed by the almighty gods of RNG and hit the jackpot. I swear..

-There's a lot to learn and master. I'm still noticing elements of the game I had no idea about. PoE has a lot of different ways you can play, or rather it gives you an enormous amount of toys and tools, which allow you to play your way. Discover new combinations. It truly is like a giant box of legos. Just build what ever comes to mind.

-Tried and true methods. To find those combinations you'll need the basics of all the mechanics and there are a lot of them. If you don't, the great build you were planning will become null and void on an unmentioned technicality. Wikipedia should be open at all times. Luckily, there are already countless ready made builds on PoE forums and various other sites. From builds that have stayed relatively the same for a long time to new league breakers. Reading these is a great way to learn the limitations and possibilities of PoE.