Path of Exile - About Re-balancing the Worst Attribute

We have been playing Path Of Exile for a while now and are proud to recommend the best place online to poe orbs buy for the lowest price. The dexterity attribute is a measure of a character's agility and expertise. Dexterity is required to use dexterity-based equipment and skills. Okay but for non-casters accuracy is SO important!" That's true, and yet there's still two huge problems there. Aboout GGG has some plans for rebalancing in mind. Today, we are sharing with you player thoughts that we found on the POE forums.

1) I use Dex! In order to block a shitty suffix before I slam an item, but yeah.

2) I really wish Dex gave something useful. Most of the time when I path through the tree, I pick one that has a little strength node because hey life.

But dex? I don't even care about the Dex as a dex character. Even with all the dex I have in tree, I still need to have a flat accuracy item somewhere in my gear.

3) I just want to point out that if you're going to say ES is "life", you can't really simultaneously argue that strength isn't useless for those CI/LL casters, nor argue that the ES/Mana from INT isn't useless for strengthy-melee types or evasion-y right side-y types that don't stack ES, and usually use mana leech to sustain spell costs.

4) This item, whilst hard to acquire, is absolutely in reach for anyone with a level 85 or higher character.

250 chaos is the price - that just means casually running a hundred maps or so. That's a fair bit of investment and probably takes ten play sessions for a more casual mapper, but this item is nothing like a Headhunter, a six-linked endgame unique or the other items that take dedicated trading or running thousands of maps to save for.

If you play enough to hit level 20 gems, you will naturally find around a thousand chaos in mixed currency/6S drops.

In my opinion, i hope GGG has some plans for rebalancing in mind. What are some of your thoughts? If you have any questions about this or have any suggestions for Path of Exile articles, please leave your suggestion below.