Dear GGG, Please Remove Bisco's Collar From the Game in PoE

Due to the fact that Bisco's Collar's IIQ only applies to normal monsters the actual overall IIQ effect is much lower than the item states. It is currently estimated that Bisco's Collar is the equivalent of 22.5% IIQ in an unsextanted normal map.[

When Jewels initially came out, the first thing i thought was "Hell, that will be hard to micromanage, so many item slots to think about", but little did i know, GGG already had something in store for us.

3 Leagues ago, they removed the Amulet Slot while mapping and gave us a Permanent Passive Bonus to Quantity and Rarity instead.

The buff is called "Bisco's Collar" (Wasn't included in the 2.6 Patch Notes and doesn't show up in the Buff section for some reason)

Last league, they "noobnerfed" it, so that people who have the currency to get a good roll can still get the unnerfed version and peasants who just happen to randomly find one can just go fuck themselves with their 62% roll.

This patch, they buffed it again, making it even rarer, giving scrubs less opportunity to cash in on the item.


Continuity (Playing the same Amulet for 3 Leagues in a row makes me kinda feel at home, very wholesome experience)

You have one Amulet for all your mapping Chars (Don't you you hate it when one Build needs WED and the other Spell Dmg. + Cast Speed?)

Having an advantage over people who think that Bisco's is "Not that great" (Although they are adorable)

Not having to look for good Rare Amulets (Something that always bothered me, nobody likes boring raw stats and minmaxing)

Still let people pretend that Bisco's is fine because Boss farmers don't use it. (Which we know are the majority of players, the Atlas and mapping in general is just there as a stress relief when you get tired of your Shaper and Lab Runs)

Being able to skip over other Unique Amulets in the Patch Note section (They are quite long, so that's definitely a buff!)

Being able to immediately dismiss mapping Builds that need a Unique Amulet to work

Reintroducing Increased Quantity POE Exalted orbs… Oh wait sorry, now THAT would be too strong! Support Gems are off-limits!


Having to pick up more Currency.

Having to remove Rare Amulets from the Item-Filter AGAIN (Well, THANKS Neversink!)

At the end of the day, i can still replace Bisco's in my PoE for a Rare Amulet with Life, WED and Crit Multi, and look back at old times so i feel better about myself and pretend nothing happened.