Intel CPU Bug, Who Can Test the PoE Performance Impact of This?

So for anyone that doesn't know, recently two bugs with cpu's produced the last decade has been uncovered, named Meltdown and Spectre (not to be confused with the PoE spectres).

The bug potentially allows malicious software to gain access to privileged data from your computer, and can't be fixed with a microcode update to the cpu, so instead the fix has to happen on the OS itself. This OS patch has an impact on performance that has been up to 30% (although my latest sources shows it's no impact on gaming).

I'm wondering if anyone is planning to do some PoE benchmarks now, and again after getting the windows update to see what kind of impact it has (if any). I believe the windows patch is available manually somehow now, but will come through windows update on tuesday.

Also a warning: don't turn off windows updates to prevent this patch, since the cpu bug is extremely serious, so don't risk your computer because of a possible hit in performance.

That's a different vulnerability, called Spectre. Which is nowhere nearly as bad as Meltdown, the one that affects Intel alone. Spectre affects AMD, Intel and ARM. Meltdown affects Intel only.

Spectre is fixable with barely or no performance hits at all. Meltdown is the one that brings big performance downgrade in specific tasks.


 It's not a 30% overall cpu performance drop, it is just a performance drop in which time the cpu answears syscalls for user side applications that want to access something into kernnel memory, the patch makes the cpu wait for security checks it didn't wait to access kernnel memory before, games are not syscall heavy applications thus makes pretty much no difference for PoE.

Yeah usually, but that's not the case with PoE. PoE is way more reliant on CPU.