Permanent elder influence shouldn't be the game - Path of Exile

Right now getting elder to spawn on a t10-t15 shaped map is way too fucking good. Did you know how this works is if you get elder to spawn on a map and you don't kill the guardians you get permanent elder influence on the map elder is in. However, How to Solve Permanent Elder Influence on Maps? Today we are sharing with you that we found on the PoE forums.

1) I wanted Elder on Bog, so I ran a buttload of maps to move him across the Atlas, figured out strategies to speed up the process/improve my odds, and I had to do this maybe ten or so times in total before I got it. Now I am rewarded for my effort. Extra bonus: Vault is just beyond a guardian, and is contested by both Shaper and Elder!

Then I spent a day in Excel working out the optimal way to block sextant mods, spent many, many ex implementing it, and now my Atlas looks like this.

2)Sextant blocking + running a single shaped map has been the single best strategy since 2.4, i dont know what youre talking about. it just shows now a lot more, since you are heavily punished if you are running normal t14-t15 maps instead of shaped vault.

like, currently t15 maps bossfights are a massive shitfest. the time i spend waiting for a single t15 boss transitioning between its bullshit forced phases, i kill a full enraged shaped bog boss. lets not even talk about t14 maps. did anyone at GGG fight dark forest boss? or run a single palace? who in their right mind would say "yeah, i can see people running this map instead of a shaped vault"?

the other thing is sextant blocking. the reason you need sextant blocking in the first phase is because sextants are really expensive, and they can roll a handful of awful mods. why would i spend 7c on a red sextant just to have a 30% chance of it giving me absolutely fucking nothing?

shaped vault currently is just a goldmine where all 4 of the relevant things combine: good divcards, good layout, easy boss, ton of sextant spots. i can see shaped vault being more expensive than any t15 map in a few days, which is a massive fucking oversight from the devs.

3) Perm Elder or Shaper Elder flip flop on Shaped maps is hands down the best strat for map sustain this league.

Instead of making transversing the Atlas have a bonus, the new system just makes plopping down on Shaped maps even more valuable than ever.

Still think GGG should have implemented Elder globally rather than uniquely to individual Atlases and had his influence jump all over the Atlas. At least that way people would have to run other maps to take advantage of the bonuses Elder grants.

As it is, we just treat Elder like an additional sextant that increases map and loot drops substantially while having the massive downside of completely losing that bonus if you actually kill him.

4) Seems to mainly boil down to how sextants function. A sextant rework could make the current system feel a lot better. But likely we'll see a rework to both mechanics after the 3.1 postmortem.

As it stands, you'd have to get a pretty damn nice Watcher's Eye to compensate for losing sextant blocking and Elder/Shaper perm setups and the currency and maps and new rares that come along with them.

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