How to Pick the Loot Items in Path of Exile?

Every MMORPG games have worthy items and crappy items. As a beginner, you do not know which is worth the project that is not worth the project. Today, share what is valuable here, what you do not need. Reading the guide, start your Path of Exile travel.

Items to pick up

Here is a list of POE items that are valuable:
Currency Items – Obviously, path of exile is being run by currency. These are what you’ll need when trading path of exile items. Pick all the currency items that you’ll encounter. Of course, You can also work buy poe orbs.

All Quality Flasks – you’ll need to upgrade your flasks eventually, so picking these things are worth the investment in the late game. Pick all the flasks that have a prefix, like “bubbling sacred mana flask.”

Skills Gems – Pick all the skill gems that you think you’ll need for your build and pretty much skill gems have its own value depending on the server’s population. The demand for skill gems go higher if the server has many people on it, skill gems are affected by the population overtime.

Support Gems – These gems are quite rare and you wouldn’t know when you’re going to need it so pick it up.

Quality Gems – It’s rare but it pretty much doesn’t have trade potential. Since it’s rare, you have to pick it. You wouldn’t know when the community is going to ask for it.
Magic Quality Equipments – Blue items only work in the early game. You won’t be able to sell it in the market in during your high level stage because people need rare items on their higher levels.

Rare Quality equipments – The principle in every MMORPG is that you have to pick every rare item.

Items that are not worth picking up

The list of crappy path of exile items
Low Stat White Accessories – pretty much useless, although, white accessories that have high stat bonus tend to be more valuable than blue accessories that have low stat bonus.
Scrolls – In the early game, scrolls have their values. As you level up scrolls lose its value.
However, in the long run, some crappy items will start to have their value as the game grew old, because the game’s admin will make events that will probably require those crappy items that players usually think it’s rubbish. It doesn’t happen very often so don’t worry.

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