Path of Exile: What Do You Think Master Mission Improvements?

Would you like master missions to be updated to keep them fresh and relevant, or would you prefer GGG to focus elsewhere?

As a new player joining at the end of Harbinger league: The master missions are so tedious that I hardly bother doing it. I mean I do it because I need them level 8, but it's one of those things that are just a hassle.

I'm not against having to do master missions because it is satisfying to reach level 7 etc. But missions like Elreon where I just sit there spamming frost bolt for 60 seconds is just so out of pace with the rest of the game. In general I don't like content where I am waiting for the game.

Some mission ideas:

1.) Stupid missions get removed (vorici chest, catarina follow the leader, etc).

2.) Daily reward now gives 400% exp instead of 250%.

3.) Shared dailies now give 70% of the exp. (so you'd get 4.2 missions worth of exp from a rotation, same as a daiily with the new value).

4.) Map masters now give double the exp.

5.) Add master specific uniques (only droppable by master missions, or sellable at level.

6.) Ideally, make the missions fun, but one can dream. The other 5 points would make it so you don't skip masters, don't dread leveling masters, and don't really have to do rotations even though it would be faster (twice as fast).

7.) Playing a summoner for the first time, got a "Kill the target and leave at least one guard alive" mission. Little idiots ignored the exile and rushed all the weak guards and I failed the mission. It's super fun and skillful to not be allowed to win with my main skill and be required to keep a backup skill gem exclusively for this asshole.
No other master is so punishing on specific builds, it's ridiculous. And this is after nerfs to him, too.

How much interest is there in master mission improvements? Tell me know! If you want to more about poe news, you can visit