New Unique Design in Path of Exile

I swear people who design uniques and people who chase items in PoE are very different people. Personally I'm a little bored of the uniques that are like stack x stat = get some Path of Exile currency, since it's very easy how to build the character and there isn't much creativity involved with the builder. I'm a much bigger fan of uniques like the rat cage, as you have to be creative with how to manage the downside and potentially use it as a buff.


I'm not sure what he was even going for... a little better Pillar of the caged god viability or trying to make Iron will and Iron grip pay off a TINY bit more at the expense of:

  • 100-130 life
  • 60-90% resists
  • Higher armor base
  • -10 move speed
  • Looks like a chest that was designed for a staff build.

This actually enables Duskdawn way more than was possible in the past, because it's extremely hard to get staff block. That's 12% crit multi as well as 12% block, and you won't need to worry about blocking spell reflect as much now. This also adds melee phys to something like hegemony's era.

Unfortunately, based off the uniques we know so far, I don't think it's amazing. If you have sufficient life to survive without any life on your chest, this chest is REALLY good, but having that is really hard. And as I said -- this looks like a staff build chest, but staves just aren't getting enough love, whether it be through ascendencies or nodes on the tree. I mean shit, gladiator's small nodes even specify "block while holding shield or dual wielding".

The best use this chest probably has is making a Grandmaster for HoGM to kill people trying to run it. This makes making max block builds easier for PvP without sacrificing nearly as much damage. The downside being that there's already these builds in HoGM - this will just probably put out more damage while doing the same as the other builds.

I think this chest might sneak it's way into some decent builds at some point somehow though. But we're in a movement skill meta and leap slam doesn't cut it - not on a 2 hander, especially as a caster. The build will put out decent damage and have pretty decent defensive abilities, but it will be slow more than likely.

And yeah, no spell block sucks, but you can get away without it. Same way you don't need to take Phase Acro if you take Acro.

Most likely use for PvE is either Xirgil's hybrid occultist or some sort of Duskdawn build.

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