The Endgame of the Path of Exile Will Be Broken By the New Expansion

Having received its last expansion in August, Grinding Gear Games continue providing content to Path of Exile with the publication of War of the Atlas , an unprecedented shed new elements that will bring many more hours of entertainment who is is within the confines of his magnum opus , whose magnitude will expand, this time, from the largest to date form.


A massive expansion that has completely renovated the leveling experience by introducing six new acts to deal with. It was a complete turning point. The next expansion of Path of Exile, as told by the lead designer Chris Wilson, will not be so big - at least not in terms of size - it will shake the other side of the coin of Path of Exile: the endgame.

"With Fall of Oriath we focused on the plot, providing only small improvements endgame. Now we are focusing totally on that. "

For those who are not aware of how the final Path of Exile, it focuses largely on the Atlas of Worlds, a massive network of randomly generated maps that become more difficult as you progress. During the game, the monsters can release a map that can be brought to a special device used to summon a portal where you or friends can travel. These maps, like objects, have random properties that dictate the type of monsters you meet, limit or enhance your skills and much more. Style Diablo openings short.

Eventually, players will be able to cross the Atlas to the last four maps, each protected by a powerful Guardian. Kill one of them allows you to get The Shaper, the Cthulhu universe of Path of Exile. All this until the 8th of December, the War for the Atlas launch date .

War for the Atlas renews the entire system by introducing 32 new maps, a new layout and a new threat to the Atlas: The Elder. Although they share a vaguely similar name, The Elder and The Shapers are at war and you have to decide which one will win. Wilson is not willing to disclose a lot of information on the reason for all this, for it is a mystery on which the community will have to work together to solve it

When you begin to explore the Atlas of Worlds, you will see stained map portions from The Shaper or The Elder. These are manifested physically in the level, adding more challenges to face. For example, the servants of The Elder are tentacled beasts that weaken the character. Every time you complete a map, the Elder stain or Shaper spreads like mold to new maps, and it's up to you to try to control it. Completing the maps with a spot of Elder or Shaper, the ripulirai, allowing the other to move and take it. Players can choose to destroy one or the other or try to prevent both the spread and conquer the entire Atlas.