Five Facts About Upcoming Expansion in Path of Exile

The official forum of Path of Exile a small preview of the next expansion and the associated patch 3.1.0 today was given.

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A preview of patch 3.1.0

GGG has already announced that the next update will be out a little smaller after Fall of Oriath. Nevertheless, there will be some new features and significant changes to the game itself. What these are, you will probably tell us in a few days.

In order to shorten the waiting time a little one now presented five facts about Patch 3.1.0.

There will be a new boss in the ninth act of the game.
For the first time players will be able to find a sockelbaren belt.
Green and black are the colors of the upcoming league.
It's a new kind of storage space planned.
It will be implemented four new Skillgems and six new support Gems.
The upcoming expansion and the associated patch 3.1.0 are scheduled for 08 December 2017th Announcing the five facts mentioned above you come here .